These are some of our most requested services:

  • Ductless heating and cooling – If you’re moving into a new home, why bother installing a whole system of ductwork for heating and cooling? Go ductless with one of our high-efficiency heating/cooling systems that can pipe conditioned air to only those household areas you specify.
  • Furnace install, repair, and maintenance – When your old furnace needs replacement, we can size your new one to fit your actual heating needs, so your new unit runs as efficiently as possible. You can rely on expert installation, and on an ongoing basis, we can work with you for regular maintenance and any emergency repairs which may be needed.
  • Heat pumps install, repair and maintenance – Heat pumps can serve as both heating and cooling units, depending on the season. We’ll be glad to install the best model for your circumstances and arrange for ongoing maintenance and repairs to keep it in tip-top shape.
  • Air Conditioners install, repair and maintenance – Whether you just need seasonal maintenance, emergency repairs, or a complete install of a new cooling system, we can provide the best professional services and the best equipment in each of those areas for you.
  • Commercial Refrigeration install, repair, and maintenance – For business clients, we can expertly install freezers, coolers, and any other kind of commercial refrigeration you might need for your operation. When service or repairs are needed, we’ll be happy to give it our full attention.
    Comfort Controls

Our comfort controls help you to manage internal comfort conditions to suit your preferences:

  • Nest Thermostat – These high-tech thermostats are not only programmable, but they actually record information on your daily preferences and learn what you like, so they can repeat it without constant intervention.
  • Honeywell Thermostats – Honeywell thermostats are another breed of smart thermostats, which can be integrated into your overall home management system, and can be programmed to perfectly manage your heating and cooling preferences.
    Indoor Air Quality Systems

These systems help to maintain clean, unpolluted air in your home, for maximum Indoor Air Quality:

Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners – What could be more efficient than a unit which captures 99% of all airborne pollutants, while requiring no greater maintenance than a washing of the filter every 6-12 months?
Honeywell Ultraviolet lights – This system eradicates nearly 90% of all airborne pollutants passing by it, and is available in single-lamp or double lamp configurations.
Honeywell Humidifiers – To maintain properly humidified air for greater comfort and far fewer scratchy throats, install one of these reliable humidifiers, and everyone in the household will be a lot happier and more comfortable. These humidifiers can automatically sense when more moisture is required in the air, and react accordingly so you never have to guess about proper levels of moisture in the household.

The Genesis Pledge

If your household or place of business should have a need for any of these products or services, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We pledge to provide the most informative and friendly response to any inquiries you may have, and if you’d like to meet in person, we’ll be glad to setup an appointment.