Mitsubishi Ductless

You might have heard about ductless heating and air conditioning systems from friends or relatives. Still, you might not be aware of how they work, to achieve extreme high-efficiency conditioning of the indoor air used by your entire household. A Mitsubish Ductless system which can be installed a certified HVAC contractor, Genesis Refrigeration and HVAC, LLC requires a very simple setup for a system that then becomes virtually unseen and unheard.

Benefits provided by a Mitsubishi Ductless heating and cooling system 

Here are some of the ways that a Mitsubishi Ductless system can provide significant benefits to your household:

  • Less wasted heating and cooling – with no ductwork feeding each room which needs conditioned air, there is no energy leaked out and there are no blockages in ducts, both of which can drain efficiency from a heating and cooling system.
  • Small footprint – since there are no ducts routed all around the house to the destination rooms, much less overall space is used up, and no bulky ducts are there to interfere with vision or movements.
  • Multiple comfort zones – as many as 8 separate comfort zones (usually individual rooms) can be setup in a Daikin Ductless configuration, and each of these can have completely different temperature controls, so everyone in the house can be satisfied with the temperature most comfortable for them.
  • High efficiency – some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available today are of the ductless variety, and that can amount to big savings on energy bills.
  • Quiet operation – a ductless system is typically much quieter than a conventional heating or cooling system, which can be important for the light sleepers in your household.
  • Extra versatility – some rooms can be very difficult to reach via ductwork, but that isn’t a problem for a ductless system, because the only thing needed in a comfort zone is a small control unit which can be mounted discreetly on the floor, a wall, or almost anywhere else.

Mitsubishi ductless has a fit for all types of homes

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