Ductless Mini Split

For room by room customizable comfort, discover the mini split solution.

Mini split | Big impact

Mini splits offer unparalleled flexibility and energy efficiency in heating and cooling. With individual air handlers for each zone, mini splits provide precise climate control, allowing customization for different rooms. The absence of ductwork reduces energy loss and installation costs.

Mini splits operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful indoor environment. Additionally, their compact size and versatile installation options make them suitable for various spaces. Genesis recommends mini splits for their efficiency, zoning capabilities, and quiet operation, providing homeowners with a cost-effective and customizable solution for optimal comfort in every room.

Your trusted installation partner

Genesis streamlines the mini split installation process, guiding homeowners with expertise and precision. Our skilled technicians conduct a detailed assessment, determining the optimal placement of indoor and outdoor units for efficient heating and cooling. With a focus on minimal disruption, we seamlessly install the mini split system, connecting refrigerant lines and electrical components.

Genesis ensures the highest standard of work thorough testing and calibration for optimal performance. Throughout the process, our team communicates transparently, addressing any concerns. Post-installation, we provide comprehensive guidance on system operation and offer ongoing support. Trust Genesis for a hassle-free mini split installation, tailored to your home or building's unique needs.